Paid Media

How Yamaha optimized ad budget allocation to increase brand awareness and interest with the help of Marketwake.

In an industry that typically underserves women, Yamaha looked to change the narrative with a new and engaging campaign: Women Run the Water. This campaign focused on highlighting the excitement of water activities while speaking directly to women in a way that competitors haven’t historically done. The ultimate goals for Yamaha were to increase brand awareness, drive incremental traffic to the website, and capture newsletter registrations.

Brand consideration lift campaign wide


Lift in brand consideration for females


Lift in brand consideration for ages 35-44


US Benchmark for Brand Consideration lift is 0.55-0.57%

Marketwake developed a strategic plan that positioned Yamaha as the go-to brand for women in boating by targeting those who had experience in the watersport as well as women who would be interested in pursuing it.

This required a deep understanding of the needs, wants, and challenges that women face in boating in order for our team to develop a comprehensive go-to-market plan that addressed these specific needs. 

Our plan identified effective communication channels to reach and engage women in boating, as well as initiatives that fostered community-building among women in the boating space. Based on audience research, we identified relevant digital channels to reach Yamaha's new target audience and begin initiating campaign awareness. 

Given a fixed campaign budget, Yamaha sought the expertise of Marketwake to develop and execute a comprehensive strategy that would optimize budget allocation across various channels and over time, with the objective of increasing brand awareness and growing brand loyalty among women.