November 14, 2023

We Bought a Company: Here’s What You Need to Know About Punchlist

It’s official! Here at Marketwake, our relentless drive for excellence has led us to a monumental milestone: the acquisition of Punchlist. This isn't just about growing our capabilities; it's about deepening our commitment to making a meaningful impact — for our clients, our team, and the digital ecosystem.

Innovation is at the heart of Marketwake. Our team constantly seeks new avenues to enhance the client experience, driven by excellence and the pursuit of growth. Recognizing the challenges in QA, communication, and team consistency, we scoured the market for a solution that could seamlessly bridge these gaps. The answer was clear: Punchlist.

What’s Punchlist?

We’re glad you asked. Punchlist is a feedback management tool that centralizes comments, streamlines QA, and tracks revision tasks with unrivaled precision. We truly believe in its potential to revolutionize the way feedback is managed and creative collaborations unfold.

The platform's intuitive overlay on websites, PDFs, and various design projects provides a unified space for real-time feedback, marrying simplicity with sophistication.

For our clients (who have instant access to the feedback management tool, by the way), Punchlist means no more sifting through endless email threads or disparate Google Docs. Feedback, discussions, and approvals now converge in one location, drastically improving efficiency and clarity.

Beyond the realm of digital marketing, Punchlist creates a world of possibilities when it comes to collaboration and organizational efficiency. In total, the feedback management tool has seen over 13,000 users from 63 countries. Legal professionals, developers, and various project teams have adopted Punchlist for its straightforward, no-code approach to gathering feedback and approvals on documents and digital assets. This tool transcends traditional boundaries, offering a centralized system for feedback that's essential for any collaborative environment.

Why Punchlist Fits the Marketwake Vision

At Marketwake, we strive for excellence by enhancing the way we serve our clients, which includes innovating beyond the creative domain. Punchlist's feedback management tool aligns perfectly with this vision, providing a singular solution to improve efficiency and communication across the board.

This acquisition isn't just about adding another tool to our repertoire—it's about fundamentally upgrading how we engage with our clients and their projects. Our CEO, Brooke MacLean, is ecstatic about Punchlist and the doors it opens for Marketwake and our collaborators.

Workflows Just Got That Much Easier

The excitement to use the feedback management tool on a regular basis with our clients is palpable across the entire company, from Marketwake’s HQ in Buckhead all the way to our remote team members in New York.

Our belief in Punchlist is echoed by our partners. “We invested in Punchlist having seen the challenges inherent in securing feedback and approvals on creative assets—a universal problem facing internal and external creative teams alike,” said Sean O’Brien, Managing Partner at Overline

“The Punchlist platform delivers strong customer value by helping teams close the loop on creative feedback, removing friction and errors throughout the process. We have known the Marketwake team since their inception, and we are thrilled to see Punchlist find a home with one of Atlanta’s top agencies.”

Sailing Ahead 

With Punchlist's impressive track record as a two-time Venture Atlanta presenting company and a Techstars graduate, we're poised to elevate the creative process to new heights. As we integrate it into Marketwake's suite of tools, we're excited about the expanded possibilities it brings to our clients and beyond.

Our journey with Punchlist is just beginning, and we're eager to see the transformative impact it will have on our work and our clients’ success. As we forge ahead, embracing the challenges and opportunities that come with growth, we invite you to join us. Stay tuned for the official release and the exciting developments to follow.

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