How Marketwake helped the eCommerce jewelry and accessories brand generate a significant return on ad spend.

Based in Atlanta, GA, Machete is a D2C eCommerce brand selling high-end jewelry, accessories, eyewear, hair accessories, and more. The locally-based, female-founded business specializes in thoughtful design, outstanding quality, and exceptional customer service—all attributes that helped the brand build a loyal local and national following. 

In 2021, Machete had a record-breaking year for sales. The brand came to Marketwake with the goal of continuing that growth by increasing its presence organically on Google, expanding its media channels, and improving efficiency across all channels.

ROAS on Performance Max Campaigns in Q4


ROAS on Pinterest Video Campaigns in Q4


ROAS on Facebook Remarketing efforts in Q4


Here’s what Marketwake did to help Machete reach each of its three goals.

Increase Organic Presence: Since Machete already received a decent amount of branded organic traffic, we had to approach our content strategy from a different angle. We tapped into multiple content buckets to provide solutions-focused topics as well as more editorial content that aligned with the brand identity and PR placements. We also heavily focused on product page optimizations to improve rankings for core products, starting with high-value, high-margin offerings. 

Expand Media Channels: Machete was solely focused on Facebook and Google, but we saw an opportunity to expand our strategy to Pinterest. We mirrored our Google setup and integrated the Merchant Center for a shopping campaign. We also added a video campaign to capture additional engagement. 

Improve Efficiency Across Channels: Migration from Smart Shopping to Performance Max with additional audience signals and asset groups allowed us to increase efficiency on PMax. We focused on expanding audiences on Facebook and utilized customer data to prioritize new customer acquisition, prospect for those who would purchase with a high average order value, and encourage repeat purchases through segmented remarketing.