How Marketwake generated significant YoY increases in organic leads, organic traffic, conversions, and return on ad spend.

LeaseCrunch is a leading provider of lease accounting software for CPA firms, companies, and government entities. To achieve its goals, LeaseCrunch sought Marketwake's expertise to attract the Top 400 CPA firms and position itself as the easiest-to-use lease accounting software in the market.

LeaseCrunch's competitors were dominating Google’s SERPs, and the software company needed an SEO strategy to boost its organic traffic, digital presence, and overall site performance.

Return on investment on paid search ads in 2022


Increase in "request a demo" submissions


Increase in keyword growth since July 2021


The collaboration between LeaseCrunch and Marketwake led to impressive YoY results.

Marketwake implemented a holistic marketing plan that included an SEO strategy, a pillar strategy, and a paid search strategy—all refreshed quarterly to align with trends in the lease accounting space. This comprehensive approach led to a significant increase in web traffic, organic leads, and paid leads.

These outstanding results demonstrate the power of Marketwake's comprehensive approach to digital marketing, helping LeaseCrunch attract top CPA firms and solidify its position as the optimal lease accounting software on the market.