How Marketwake streamlined this amenity provider’s sales and marketing processes.

WithMe is a company offering convenient amenities to shared spaces such as apartments, hotels, co-working spaces, cafes, and more. Their current product line includes SipWithMe, a mobile app-based coffee solution, and PrintWithMe, a self-serve, eco-friendly printing solution.

WithMe's existing Salesforce platform needed optimization for proper lead flow and a more accurate, scalable system. They also required assistance in setting up and implementing Hubspot, streamlining their CRM and marketing automation systems, and creating a unified, single source of truth for tracking leads and opportunities.

New operational workflows in Hubspot


Creation of revenue based reports


Reduction in tools and integrations


Marketwake worked closely with WithMe to achieve the following.
  1. Updated marketing attribution reports and dashboards in Salesforce for more accurate lead source tracking, marketing touches, and impact assessment.
  2. Cleaned up and improved reporting, field naming, and integration of WithMe's CRM and marketing automation systems.
  3. Streamlined online marketing systems and developed advanced activity tracking and reporting.
  4. Created templated emails and landing pages for easy reuse and scalability.
  5. Improved segmentation and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) approaches.

Marketwake successfully aligned WithMe's marketing and sales processes and decreased its tech stack to create a more efficient and succinct system. While no specific numbers can be tied to the improvements, WithMe now has a more streamlined and scalable solution for their marketing and sales efforts, setting them up for continued growth as they expand their product offerings.