June 17, 2024

Brooke MacLean Shares the #1 Factor for Business Success

Recently, Marketwake CEO Brooke MacLean was featured in an episode of Inbound Back Office, offering her insights on marketing agility: the #1 factor of success for any business. Keep reading to get actionable advice for marketers looking to stay agile in the ever-changing marketing landscape.

Key Points Discussed:

Marketing Agility: The Key to Success

Brooke starts by emphasizing that marketing agility is about breaking free from outdated routines and continuously adapting to new market realities. As a marketer, the importance of questioning existing practices and being open to change is unparalleled to make sure that marketing strategies remain effective and engaging.

The Story Behind Marketwake

Brooke also shares the inspiring story of how Marketwake got its name. Our agency's mission is to help companies leave a significant impact, much like a small boat creating a large wake. This metaphor underscores our commitment to helping brands achieve extraordinary results through innovative marketing approaches.

Balancing Data and Creativity

Brooke explains that one of the core strengths of Marketwake is the ability to blend data and creativity. We use data to inform our strategies while incorporating creative elements that capture and retain audience attention. This balance ensures that campaigns are both effective and memorable.

Importance of Challenging Habits

In the podcast, Brooke also discusses the psychological aspect of marketing agility. Many organizations fall into the trap of doing things simply because they have always done them that way in the past. She advocates for regular reevaluation of marketing efforts to ensure they are still serving their intended purpose and adapting as necessary to maintain effectiveness.

Tailoring Strategies to Different Markets

The conversation touched on the differences between B2B and B2C marketing. Brooke explains that while B2B campaigns may have longer sales cycles and require more sustained efforts, B2C strategies need more frequent adjustments due to faster market changes and shorter attention spans.

Embracing Risk and Innovation

Brooke is a huge proponent of encouraging risk and innovation. She states that growth often comes from stepping outside comfort zones and trying new approaches. You have to trust your marketing team and give them the freedom to experiment and innovate.

Measuring Success

Finally, Brooke discusses how to measure success in marketing. She advises against getting lost in data and instead focusing on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that align with business goals. Her recommendation: use data to identify trends and make informed decisions about when to pivot or double down on specific strategies.

Listen to the Full Podcast

Check out this episode of Inbound Back Office for valuable lessons all marketers and business leaders can use! By prioritizing agility, balancing data with creativity, and continuously challenging the status quo, companies can stay ahead of the curve and achieve lasting success. 

To follow along, access the transcript to the full podcast below.

Podcast Transcript

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