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The Benefits of Working With an SEO Business

How often have you been scouring the internet for the meaning behind the TikTok brownie comment meme and found yourself on page 13 of Google’s search results? 

Probably never. And therein lies the very real, substantial benefit of SEO. Tadaa—Blog over.  

Seriously though, the majority of internet users rarely move past the first page of Google search results. In fact, 92% of users stick to page one of the results, and, even crazier, of that first page, the top five links receive close to 68% of all clicks. 

That means if your business dabbles in any sort of digital marketing—even just having a website—and isn’t ranking on the first few pages of Google, you’re missing out on a ton of visibility and web traffic.

A little something called an “SEO strategy” is a perfect way to solve that lack of visibility, as it can provide your company’s website with the traffic it needs to thrive in a digital environment as oversaturated as ours. But first…

What Exactly is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of including specific “Google-supported” content on your website in order to boost its visibility to search engines. 

Google loves to see high-quality content being produced and shared online. So, ensuring that your content is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and interacts with other credible sources online through links is the perfect place to start. By meeting Google’s standards, your content has the potential to rank higher in relevant results.

Marketwake SEO manager, Josh Cummings, describes SEO as such,

“SEO is like listening to the internet. You are listening to what people are most often searching for and trying to speak to what they want to hear. Google’s algorithm crawls your website in order to determine the relevance of your page to Google searches, and SEO makes it easier for their search engine to do that.”

Allowing search engines to easily crawl your web page helps the engine find keywords. The more keywords you include in the content on your web pages, the more likely that your content will appear higher up in relevant search results.

At a basic level, that’s SEO. However, the number of factors that can play into the efficacy of an SEO strategy are astounding. Not only does an SEO strategy have many factors to it but it's also quite high-maintenance. An effective SEO strategy requires constant refreshing and research to ensure that it’s still relevant; Google changes SEO standards pretty often, making those refreshes even more vital and making things even more complicated—Thank you, Sundar Pichai

Listen, we know you have a company to run and probably not a lot of time to dedicate to chasing Google down its search-engine crawling rabbit hole in order to boost your visibility. Instead of struggling with a sub-par SEO strategy, we recommend hiring an SEO business to take care of all your Google-related needs. 


An SEO business focuses on strategic processes with the aim of improving your company’s online visibility. SEO is a very expansive field, so there are literally tons of things an SEO business can do for your business.

In this blog, however, we’re going to focus on just three:

  1. An SEO business can provide keyword research and recommendations to ensure you’re showing up when consumers are looking for you.
  2. An SEO business can help you repurpose content meaningfully.
  3. An SEO business can help you formulate a comprehensive, all-encompassing SEO strategy

An SEO Business Makes Sure You Show Up in Searches

When it comes to SEO, the goal is to ensure that your website is as high up in search results as possible. Here’s how Marketwake Marketing Director, Bin Cochran, puts it,

“People are searching for a solution to their problems, and you need to show up as an option. We call it digital real estate, and from an SEO perspective, ‘investing’ in the right digital real estate means that your content or website is showing up properly and in the right places.” 

Most people aren’t digging deep into Google search results to find the answers to their questions. Being on that first page of results is ideal, but it is also highly competitive. An SEO firm, however, can employ various organic and paid SEO strategies to help you get there. Those different strategies can look like:

Through working with SEO businesses, companies can find a plethora of options to supplement their digital marketing efforts and ensure that when customers are looking, they show up.

An SEO Business Can Help You Repurpose Content

For this next benefit, let’s take a look at some marketing fast facts:

  • In 2021, 91% of B2B and 86% of B2C companies reported using blogs as a form of content marketing

  • Also in 2021, 92% of companies with over 100 employees felt they were expected to integrate social media into their marketing strategies. 

For businesses creating several types of content regularly, repurposing makes the SEO-optimized content creation process much more efficient.

“If you’re producing beautiful content to use on social media, why not use the same information for blogs or vice versa? If we do a breakout topic for a blog, let’s talk about it in email, on social, and maybe even highlight it further with a webinar. In marketing, we’re storytellers, and the best strategies I’ve seen are the ones that tell a story through a variety of platforms in order to meet people wherever they’re spending their time.” 

Bin Cochran, Marketing Director 

By using SEO strategies throughout your business’ platforms and in any area that features written copy, companies can reuse previously written content to cut down on production time and provide an overall boost in SEO. 

Additionally, businesses can build previously written SEO-optimized content directly into their other marketing strategies. Tell us all about it, Bin!

“Let’s say we produce a badass piece of content that is already ranking for a ton of keywords organically. That gives us the opportunity to run a retargeting ad. By speaking directly to anyone who interacted with that content previously, we can use ads as a net to bring potential customers further into our funnel.” 

Sharing high-quality content across platforms provides more opportunities to integrate SEO keywords and generate leads, making repurposing innovative and valuable through its intention, resulting in something that is way more profitable than just merely acting as a corporate content pump.

An SEO Business Can Help You Create A Cohesive Strategy Plan 

The biggest asset that hiring an SEO firm can provide is an exhaustive strategy. 

Because, speaking candidly, digital marketing can be tough. Implementing a comprehensive and effective SEO strategy as a part of your digital marketing strategy can make things even harder. Luckily, that’s precisely what SEO firms exist to help you with.

SEO businesses take the work of understanding Google off your shoulders, allowing your company to focus on what you’re good at. According to Bin, 

“SEO is like a separate language; it’s not something you can just learn really fast and figure out. Hiring someone to build out an SEO strategy for you can cut down that learning curve. I think the je ne sais quoi of what we do well is performing proper research, choosing the right keywords, and mapping out thorough strategies, instead of just spitting out tactics. Our actual processes are where the expertise has to live, and that’s exactly where we excel.” 

Still, at this point, you might be thinking SEO is too specialized, or that your company will do fine just winging it, but not having a cohesive SEO strategy can be detrimental.

“We make SEO its own department but, in reality, it’s a vein that runs throughout the marketing world. If you have any sort of digital marketing plan, you need to be addressing SEO to some extent,” Urges Josh. 

Now What?

Well, if you’re searching for an SEO firm that cares about how your business performs, look no further.

Marketwake’s SEO experts work incredibly hard to map out strategies that work and provide your business with the web traffic it deserves. 

But we can do you one better. Marketwake, as a full-service marketing partner, can help you implement what we know about SEO into all areas of your business strategy. 

So, if you’re a business that dabbles in TikTok meme explanations and doesn’t want to end up on page 45 of Google anymore, reach out to us for some useful advice.

P.S. The brownie thing doesn’t mean anything. Just TikTok being weird, what's new? 🤷‍♀️

Josh Cummings

SEO Strategist
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