3 REAL Reasons You Should Go to Dreamforce 2019

When you hear the word “trailblazer,” doesn’t it just get you all hype? Roll it over in your head a few times and try it out. Say it out loud if that’s more your style. Something along the lines of … I AM A TRAILBLAZER, HEAR ME ROAR. Go ahead, try it.

Feels good right? Well, now you know what it’s like to be a part of Dreamforce — the celebration of TRAILBLAZERS.

Hosted by Salesforce, this annual event goes down in the heart of innovation (San Fran, of course!), and more specifically, DreamForce National Park. Currently made up of multiple venues downtown — including Moscone Center, Park Central, Hotel Nikko, and more — this event is a collection of intelligent leaders, industry professionals, and trailblazers as well as many users and IT experts. And they’re all gathering for one big goal: chart the future of what’s possible. And that just sounds awesome.

With this year’s event not happening until the last weeks of November 2019, you’ve still got time to be one of the lucky attendees (along with your Salesforce-loving colleagues!). Here are the top three reasons you should’ve gotten your plane ticket yesterday:  

1. Get inspired.

No matter the industry, one can always find motivation in the thousands of sessions, training and certification opportunities, and hands-on demos offered at Dreamforce. Every year, Salesforce brings in top minds from around the world as partners to provide next-level information in ways that never fail to wow the crowd. Marc Benioff, co-CEO, founder, and chairman of Salesforce, delivers a primetime Salesforce keynote (of course), but speakers in the past have included Michelle Obama, Taraji P. Henson, Klaus Schwab, and Susan Wojcicki, to name a few.  

For Dreamforce 2018, guests were treated to a brilliant lineup which included Al Gore, Andre Iguodala (yes, the NBA player), Adrian Grenier, and even Those were just four of the 35+ speakers that inspired the attendees with their bright minds and their inspiring visions for success. The 2019 conference will, even if it’s hard to believe, top it. How? We guess you’ll just have to attend and see it!

2. The whole “meeting people thing” is pretty next-level.

There are endless opportunities to meet fellow trailblazers at Dreamforce. Seriously — there are professionals to connect with at every turn, from the multitude of sessions, demos, and parties because Dreamforce is not only the largest Salesforce event, but it is one of the largest tech conferences in the world.

So want ample opportunities to meet and develop acquaintances? Dreamforce is your place. Between activities, Dreamfest, and DreamPark, you’ll have lots of options for getting involved and invested in the community that is all about connecting people with the latest and greatest at Salesforce.

3. It’s not one of those “all work, no play” conferences.

Can I preface this with one little note? The techies know how to party.

Waking up at 7 a.m. to attend the first session every day can become tiring, and the constant flow of information into your brain can become overwhelming. And that’s exactly why Salesforce packs lots of entertainment into Dreamforce. Metallica has performed, and many other artists, including Green Day, Foo Fighters, U2, Bruno Mars, have made appearances in the past. The best part? The proceeds benefit the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. Rocking out with the greatest AND giving back? I call that a win-win.

So in conclusion, yes, Dreamforce is a conference for innovation, and there’s a lot of conferences out there that claim that. But the great thing about Dreamforce is how influential it actually is. Many companies and individuals have utilized Salesforce and have founded their careers on the platform’s diverse services. And with Dreamforce, dedicated users and professionals can turn their attention toward learning and creating new visions, and exploring industry-focused solutions, applications, and products that expand not only your scope but the scope of your company as well. Plus, it’s fun. And there’s really no better reason to do it than that.

Marketwake team

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