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Marketwake Goes Back to College

A Weekend Celebrating UGA’s 40U40 & Brooke Beach

What inspires the Marketwake crew to hit the highway and get the hell outta ATL?

Three things: UGA football, alumni awards, and the chance to celebrate an incredible person.

While all of the photographic evidence might suggest that we caravanned to The University of Georgia to drink beer and cheer on the Dawgs, we ACTUALLY went to Athens to celebrate our incredible CEO, Brooke Beach. Brooke was awarded UGA’s class of 2019 40 Under 40 and — WOW — was this well-deserved.

And because Brooke is Brooke (did you know we flew to NYC for 24 hours for our 2018 holiday bash?), she turned her good news into a chance for us all to celebrate together. We booked hotels, marked our calendars, and got ready to cheer on Marketwake.

So (in short) we Went to Athens for legitimate work purposes, but we Stayed in Athens to practice our unmatched culture. Here’s what went down:

A Week(end) in Review

Day 1

Grady College 40 Under 40 Panel

In addition to winning an award, Brooke was asked to participate in Grady’s 40 Under 40 panel designed to share career advice with current students. So we got into town early, Starbucks in hand!

40 Under 40 Awards Ceremony

We kicked off our weekend by doing something essential: recognizing Brooke for being an incredibly creative and hardworking boss. We sang the UGA alma mater, mingled with the other honorees (including a UGA-alum Olympian!), and counted how many times we saw Brooke show up on the event’s live social feed. (We lost count around 74, but we feel like it was a good, solid number for a CEO of a digital marketing company!)

Hotel Indigo Happy Hour + Dinner @ the National

Who knew Hotel Indigo had a complimentary happy hour? We didn’t, but then again, we have a unique ability to find the good stuff on gut instinct — and find it we did. After the briefest wardrobe change and a couple of drinks at the bar, we headed off to the National to wine and dine until we could be wined and dined no more.

An Evening of Festivities

Back at the hotel, we had approximately seven minutes to put ‘Mission: Surprise Brooke’ into full effect. With printed FatHeads, streamers, music, and loads of Morning Recovery, we successfully surprised Brooke with a pre-game party. Little did she know our team had one more surprise waiting inside: a video of her family and every Marketwake employee saying a little thank you for being amazing.

Then we hit the town!

Day 2

Game Day Saturday

We tailgated, we screamed, we brought home a win. After the game was over, we stopped by Creature Comforts to cool off and a swift succession of events ensued:

  1. Drink flights of Creature comforts.
  2. Head back to Hotel Indigo for snacks: AKA a Post-Mate feast for 50.  
  3. Take a nap.
  4. Made friends with Hotel Indigo bartender, Sam. (If you’re reading this, hey, Sam. ?)
  5. Get fried rice (and sushi and yum yum sauce).
  6. Sing karaoke until the early morning.

On Sunday morning, we packed and headed back to the Treehouse, but not before one last cheer to Brooke. She definitely deserved it — who else could be responsible for such an incredible team?

So here’s to you, Brooke Beach, Marketwake adores you.

Sydney Watts

Social Media Manager
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