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Man's Best Friend . . . and Coworker

Raise your hand if even looking at photos of puppies can brighten your day. Yep, us too!

In 2012 a published study outlined the benefits of allowing our four-legged friends to tag along to the office. Pet-friendly workplaces like Google, Amazon, Etsy, and our personal favorite, Marketwake, are becoming increasingly more common due to the several benefits this policy brings into play. Below we break down the top 5 benefits to allowing furry friends to join the company ranks.

Better Performance

In a survey of 1,000 employees and 200 HR leaders, 88% of respondents say that dog-friendly offices improve morale, and 85% report a greater sense of work-life balance. Even coworkers that weren’t accompanied by their own pet felt that the presence of other dogs had a positive impact on their productivity.

For pet owners, bringing pets to work means less stress about rushing home to feed and walk the dog which means they can be more focused and work extended hours when necessary. In fact, 75% of respondents reported an increased ability to work longer hours.

Stress Relief

We’ve all had to deal with the daily pressures of life. A 2012 study found that individuals who brought their dogs to work had decreased hormonal stress levels compared to those who didn’t. Consequently, 86% of employees who brought their pets to work reported reduced stress levels. Who wouldn’t love a mid-day cuddle with their fur-baby?

Retention & Recruiting

All pet owners have experienced the painful goodbyes with their pets as they leave for work in the morning. One sad look from your pup and the pangs of guilt are immediate, so it should come at no surprise that 82% of employees say they feel a greater sense of loyalty to pet-friendly employers. Employees will also welcome the financial perk of avoiding pet-sitting and dog-walker expenses. This policy is a major benefit for the employee that comes at little cost to the employer.

Allowing animals is also a crucial recruiting tool, especially when it comes to millennials. 65% of potential candidates ask about pet-friendly policies during the interview process, and 63% of survey respondents say that a pet-friendly office would make them more excited about a new job.

Relaxed Office Visits

Pets in the office tend to soften the company’s image and make the business seem more progressive and forward-thinking. Visitors immediately feel like home when they step into an office and are greeted by pets. It can help them relax and make meetings more casual, conversational, and enjoyable.

Reduced Pet Homelessness

39% of pet owners would consider adding another pet to their family if they could bring pets to the office, while 22% of non-pet owners would consider getting a pet if their office was pet-friendly.  With approximately 6.5 million companion animals entering U.S. animal shelters across the nation each year, pet-friendly policies could be a lifesaver for some of these animals.

About the Author

Bear Beach is a Great Pyrenees and Lab mix and is Marketwake’s OG office dog. He enjoys back rubs, treats, and sunbathing. His favorite part of working at Marketwake is having meetings in the conference room because it means everyone is all in one place — and nothing makes him happier than that.

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